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Technocrates Construction Limited covers all aspects of Building & Civil Engineering works. It mainly includes New Builds, Major Extensions, Construction of High Rise Buildings, Major Refurbishment and Property Maintenance works. We provide competitive quotations and a professional competent workforce.

Our Specialities

Project owners who wish to delegate single source responsibility for their project should talk to us about our Design & Build program. This program coordinates the entire design and construction process, including planning permission, program development, budgeting, schematic design, design development, contract document preparation, scheduling, construction and commissioning. This single source solution works well for clients who do not have the available time for multiple points of contact. Commitment to customer care and satisfaction, safety and a responsible approach to the environment have resulted in repeat business with many clients.

We have specialised project teams for the construction of multistorey steel and concrete frame structures in London areas where handling logistics are the main concerns. We have specialised teams for installation of precast/prestressed floors through crane operation.

We have specialised teams for basement construction especially in proximity areas with confined spaces. We also provide services for ground movement monitoring while basement construction is in progress.


Planning & Design

Best practice building design requires a synthesis of architectural, structural, services, logistics and construction issues which we take pride to offer our clients all under one umbrella. We can coordinate the entire design and construction process. Our approach is flexible to suit client preferences.

High Rise Builds

We have developed the expertise to deal with divergent requirements of today’s mid-high rise building construction such as column free floor spans, mechanical extraction, serving strategies, all keeping high environmental standards. We pride ourselves on our experience and exceptional service.

New Builds

We are experienced to undertake New Build projects. From demolition of an existing structure to creating a new basement, we can build any residential / commercial block, family houses, high-rise apartment blocks, social housing Whatever the project, we ensure all work is completed to the highest standard.

Major Extensions

We have delivered significant extension projects for a number of buildings, by either constructing an additional floor over an existing structure or building an extension to provide much needed space and new facilities for our clients. We are dedicated to keeping our sites segregated, secure and safe.

Major Conversions

Be it a residential dwelling or an office space, open plan areas that can be configured to suit the client requirements are completely remodelled to meet the customers vision that will be a showpiece of workmanship of unparalleled quality delivered reliably, on time and within budget.

Major Refurbishments

All our staff are very well trained of working in close proximity to occupied buildings, they understand the importance to plan site logistics & works to minimise any disruption. We are a registered Considerate Constructor & are committed to being a good neighbour, respectful, responsible & considerate.

Basement Construction

We have specialised teams for basement construction especially in proximity areas with confined spaces. We also provide services for ground movement monitoring while basement construction is in progress.

Timber Structure

We provide specialised services to build onsite timber structures with complete fire safety risk assessments and implementation. We build Intermediate floors, joists and structural decking, roof structures. We do plasterboard installation to ceilings and walls, double studs to door openings and fire stops.

Project Management

We are dedicated to providing an unbeatable service across a wide range of projects. We have maintained our core values with a focus on the Client’s special needs which are if anything even more relevant as we now have a proven track record in delivering projects safely, on time and to agreed budgets.


We Deliver Quality

Quality Construction that provides not only practical space but will stand the test of time.

Always On Time

Consistently and safely delivering projects on time and within budget.

We Are Pasionate

Building isn’t just a job. At the Construction Company, it is our passion.

Green Building

Finding the right balance between quality construction & low environmental impact.

Our Approach

We continually strive for improvements within our business and work hard to achieve the best quality management standards. This approach includes establishing clear goals and responsibilities, implementing our Active Learning model along with a rigorous regime of inspection & auditing and investment in training.

Project Management

We use empirical techniques of project management to accomplish our tasks and overall objectives to get the project completed on time. We use efficient methods of resource planning to keep the cost of the project minimum.

Quality Control

We continually strive for improvements within our business and work hard to achieve the best quality management standards. TCL has developed various quality management tools to monitor the quality.

Health & Safety

TCL requests that all employees take a pro-active role in improving Health & Safety performance and encourages suggestions. The duty of employees has explained in the Company’s Safety manual and at the Health & Safety induction talk when first joining the Company.


In recognition that our activities have an impact on the environment and our commitment to improve our environmental performance and minimise harmful effects on the environment, TCL has prepared a separate Environmental Policy.

Corporate Social

Technocrates Construction Ltd. (TCL) is committed to ethical behaviour and to sustainable economic development while improving the quality of life for their workforce, their families as well as the local community and society at large.


All TCL sites are registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme. This means we are committed to being a good neighbour, respectful, safe, responsible and considerate. We try to work in a way that causes as little inconvenience as possible to our neighbours.


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